About Chris

I am a UK web developer based in the South West. I am currently available to work on new projects on a contract basis. My primary environment is LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).

What I can do for you

E-commerce projects

I have extensive experience in architecting and developing e-commerce products for high street retailers such as Waterstones.com, Centresoft and others. I have implemented payment processing functionality using a variety of payment gateway providers, while ensuring PCI/DSS compliance. I am familiar with and take a key interest in web security and data protection principles.

Mobile development

I have produced reliable, cross-platform mobile and tablet-optimised websites using responsive HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Front-end development

I produce rich, interactive front-end applications using AngularJS and modern browser technologies.


I have been working with web technologies for over a decade, and have a large amount of commercial experience. I also hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about the companies I have worked with.

Contact me

I'd love to hear from you:

Recruiters welcome; please include as much detail as possible about your vacancy.